Bogart, Small + Associates and Kedron Benham, Attorney-at-Law, PLLC Join Forces


Fayetteville, AR (February 1, 2022) - The law firms of Bogart, Small + Associates and Kedron Benham, Attorney-at-Law, PLLC are proud to announce a merger effective February 15, 2022, that will unite the two firms under the Bogart, Small + Associates name. The merger combines two long-standing and respected Arkansas immigration law firms and enhances the experience and the capacity of both firms to represent members of Northwest Arkansas's growing immigrant community.

"With this partnership, our goal is to be the most experienced and creative immigration law firm in Arkansas," said Nathan Bogart, a partner at Bogart, Small + Associates. "There is a shared set of values and goals that has connected both firms for years. Together, our firm's immigration attorneys will now collectively have nearly 60 years of experience."

The combination aligns a depth of experience among the firms' respective attorneys who are already well-known throughout Arkansas and the Mid-South. 

About Bogart Small, + Associates: An award-winning Northwest Arkansas-based law firm focused on representing individuals, families, and small businesses in all immigration matters, criminal defense, family law, and compliance. 


Gloria Roa Bodin said…
Do you know if there is presently a way to have cancellation of removal non-citizen served with an NTA?
Nathan Bogart said…
Good question Gloria. Cancellation of removal is available to those who have been served with an NTA assuming they meet the requirements. I would recommend you speak with an immigration attorney if you have any specific questions about how to navigate a cancellation of removal application.

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