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Finality - Cruel Finality

I don't know why "finality" appears on this Batman logo, but it looks cool... For the first five years or so of my career, my immigration appellate practice was pretty much limited to the Board of Immigration Appeals ("BIA") and maybe sometimes the Administrative Appeals Office ("AAO").  I pretty much did everything I could to avoid working much with federal circuit court appeals, more commonly known as petitions for review ("PFR"). This wasn't because I had no interest in learning about PFRs. On the contrary, I always had the goal to one day get involved with PFRs.  It was sort of this distant thought I considered occasionally but never had the guts to just step up and do. The truth of the matter is that I enjoy brief writing.  For me, it's like putting together a puzzle.  Sure, maybe it's a 20,000 piece puzzle of a crystal clear blue sky, but it's a puzzle nonetheless. Puzzles make you think.  I happen to feel think