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Immigration for Lunch

Here's a look at your mid-day headlines: In Arizona, citizens keep close eye on immigration checkpoint Mexico finds 370 abandoned children Girl talks to Pope on immigration, then Dad freed Business groups not backing down on immigration reform Methodist bishop arrested at Chicago immigration reform rally Immigration activists blast Obama Catholic leaders hope message from Pope and U.S. bishops will revive immigration reform House Democrats try to force immigration vote This is what it looks like when immigration reform dies

What to Watch for in Immigration - Week of March 31, 2014

Children abandoned en route to the U.S.   Mexican and U.S. authorities have indicated that hundreds of children have been found abandoned by human smugglers while trying to enter the United States.  How bad is the problem?  Number released by U.S. authorities indicate at least 370 children were discovered in a mere one week period in March.  Many of the children showed signs of extreme fatigue, injuries and dehydration.  Fortunately, nine suspected smugglers have been arrested in connection with the matter.  Add this to the robberies, extortion, rapes, kidnappings and murders common along the border with Mexico.  It's sad to think that while politicians in Washington D.C. and Mexico City play games, thousands suffer. In Arizona, Citizens Keep Close Eye on Immigration Checkpoint.   Not every border patrol checkpoint is on the border.  Thanks in part to the rapid militarization of the Southern border, checkpoints continue to be set up many miles north of the border itself.  Take

Immigration for Lunch

Here's a look at your mid-day headlines: Obama endorses House Dem immigration push President Obama urges speed up of legislation for immigration reform House Democrats try to force GOP's hand on immigration Poll: Immigration reform won't hurt the Republicans Activists call for immigration overhaul

Immigration for Lunch

Here's a look at your mid-day headlines: Obama "humane" order roils immigration debate Deja vu on immigration reform Immigration activist gets detained after demonstration Young advocate seeks Pope's aid in immigration Advocacy Day promotes immigration reform How immigration reform could boost our national defense Lack of progress on immigration reform stymies states Congressman claims immigration reform would force people to become U.S. citizens against their will

What to Watch for in Immigration - Week of March 24, 2014

Seeking the Pope's Blessing.   Unsatisfied with the progress towards comprehensive immigration reform in Washington, a group of young activists are setting off to Rome in hopes of meeting with the Pope.  What do they plan to do if they meet him?  Let him know they're "representing millions of children...and...that people are separating families because right now is a time when kids really need their parents."  From the mouths of babes.... What exactly does Obama mean by humane deportations?   How do you make something that is inherently inhumane more humane?  This is the question posed by activists this week after the President made a promise to make removals more humane.  Sounds like someone has some explaining to do/ Could immigration reform bolster national defense?   Some seem to think so.  At the very least, they argue, keeping students who excel in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) is essential to a national security scheme that relies heav

Immigration for Lunch

Here's a look at your mid-day headlines: Lawmakers and activists call for an end to deportations Obama sells more spin on issue of immigration Allentown, PA city council takes a stand for immigration reform Republicans all dressed up for immigration reform, but nowhere to go Immigration vote held off at White House request Supreme Court may hear Maryland immigration case Border Patrol chief: Agents unfairly criticized

Immigration for Lunch

Here's a look at your mid-day headlines: Why more skilled immigration would be good for American workers Skilled immigration and less-skilled immigration have different implications Activists push to halt deportations Oval Office's immigration enforcement too aggressive Why Republicans are ignoring the biggest lesson of A year after " autopsy ," GOP still struggles on immigration reform Capitol's stagnation gets DREAMers moving on the border As immigration reform sputters , activists focus on stopping deportations Tech flips the script on immigration foes

Immigration for Lunch

Here's a look at today's mid-day headlines: DHS considering two major changes to ease deportations Making life in Missouri harder for immigrants is precisely backward Second group of deported immigrants seeks to return to U.S. Ryan talks about immigration in Wisconsin New York Senate kills the New York DREAM Act ICE dismantles child pornography ring with 251 child victims Nevada family reunited after years-long immigration issues 

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Qualifying Relationship VAWA allows certain abused spouses, children, and parents to self-petition for permanent residency in the United States. The following persons are eligible to self-petition under VAWA: Abused spouse of U.S. citizen or LPR Abused spouse’s unmarried children under the age of 21 may be derivatives, even if the children have not been abused and even if the children are not related to the abusive U.S. citizen or LPR; Non-abused spouse of U.S. citizen or LPR whose child is abused by the U.S. citizen or LPR spouse, even if the child is not related to the U.S. citizen or LPR abuser  Abused parents of U.S. citizen children (where the abusive child is 21 years of age or older) Abused child of U.S. citizen or LPR parent For immigration purposes, a child is a person who is unmarried, under 21 years of age, and is the biological, step, or adopted child of the abuser. Abused child may petition until the age of 25 if he/sh

Immigration for Lunch

Here's a look at your mid-day headlines: Latinos as California's biggest demographic South Carolina farmer on national panel for immigration reform President Obama's promised action on humane deportations welcomed Naturalization ceremony to be held in Afghanistan 60 immigrants request asylum and humanitarian visas from the U.S. Facing risk of rape, migrant women prepare with birth control Judge: Some fasting detainees in Tacoma must get bond hearings

Immigration for Lunch

Here's a look at your mid-day headlines: Obama calls for review of deportations Obama's promise to review deportations has risks Obama meets with Latino lawmakers about immigration reform St. Patrick and immigration Border agent kidnaps , rapes immigrant White House pushes on immigration Another group of 60 migrants attempts to enter the U.S. Hispanic caucus to wait on resolution On immigration , Obama is in a jam Seeing and speaking 360 degrees on immigration

Bogart Immigration Law, LLC Opens Office in Topeka

Topeka - Bogart Immigration Law, LLC  will be opening an office in Topeka, Kansas.  The office will serve clients throughout Shawnee County, as well as surrounding areas, including Lawrence, Emporia, Junction City, Manhattan, Abilene and Salina. "Our Topeka office gives us an unique opportunity to extend our law firm's brand as well as offer a more convenient location for many of our clients outside of the Kansas City metro area," said Nathan Bogart, the firm's managing member. Appointments can be made in the firm's Topeka office beginning April 1, 2014. About Bogart Immigration Law, LLC Bogart Immigration Law, LLC is a leading Kansas City area immigration law firm based in Mission, Kansas. One of the fastest growing firms in the region, we provide representation in virtually every area of immigration practice.  Our clients value our diversity and accessibility and rely on us for the resolution of their complex immigration needs, including removal defense,

What to Watch for in Immigration - Week of March 17, 2014

President Obama vows to review deportations.   Finally bowing to public outcry over record deportations and the inhumane treatment of immigrants in enforcement, the president finally  responded with..... more talk , but still no action.  President Obama announced that he has requested a review of his administration's enforcement policies to see if enforcement can be done "more humanely."  In other words, he's not halting deportations, he just wants to make sure they're done with a smile.  I'm sorry, but isn't the president the "chief" executive?  Isn't he supposed to be in charge of his administration?  If he has to request a review in order to understand the impact his enforcement policies are having on thousands of families he promised to help over six years ago, he's more out of touch than the GOP accuse of him of being.  Speaking of which... The GOP continues to resist immigration push.   So...basically the same thing we tell you

Immigration for Lunch

Some mid-day headlines: Rally for immigration reform in Arlington, TX draws hundreds Arizona governor declines to run for re-election House Republicans ready to push for immigration reform in 2015? Immigration activists interrupt John Boehner's breakfast Obama orders immigration enforcement review House passes two anti-Obama bills that go backwards on immigration Immigration reform unlikely under Obama Mischaracterizing  Obama's deportation s

Carlos A. Hernandez Joins Bogart Immigration Law, LLC

Kansas City  -  Carlos A. Hernandez  has joined  Bogart Immigration Law, LLC  as an immigration attorney.  A native of El Paso, Texas, Carlos comes to the firm after running his own, Hernandez Law Firm, LLC.   Prior to opening his own firm, Carlos worked as an attorney, with the  Diocesan Migrant and Refugee Services  in El Paso, working with families and individuals and focusing on removal defense. "Carlos brings our firm great experience with regards to removal defense as well as an innate ability to think outside of the box, both in terms of creative strategies for clients and expanding our business model," commented Nathan R. Bogart, the firm's managing member, "I'm excited to be able to work with Carlos and for everything he brings to the table." After graduating from the University of Texas - El Paso, Carlos attended the University of Kansas School of Law.  He graduated with a J.D. in May 2012. At Bogart Immigration Law, LLC, Carlos will focus

Immigration for Lunch

Here's a look at the mid-day headlines: Are Republicans moving backwards on immigration? Immigration reform just doesn't have the votes yet Catholics, Evangelicals press GOP on immigration reform House GOP passes immigration-related bill that goes after DREAMers Will Obama continue to stand idle ?

Removal Ramblings: Let's Talk About Getting Informed

Nathan Bogart - It is very hard to adequately represent a client if you do not know any more than your client about immigration court.  The problem with immigration law is that it is very hard to get informed.  I have often heard the refrain that the immigration code is the second most complicated code in the United States Code after the tax code. Is that true?  I don’t know.  Bankruptcy, social security and federal criminal defense do not exactly seem easy to me either.  One time I tried to prepare my own tax returns and after about 30 minutes my head wanted to explode, so I suppose if immigration really is the second most complicated it is by a long shot.  Either that or I’m a one-trick pony…. You don’t have to spend a lot of money You do not have to spend thousands of dollars on AILA books if you want to learn about how to become a competent removal defense practitioner.  You also do not have to be able to quote the INA or have memorized every important BIA decision e
Here's a look at today's headlines: Reform alliance weakens , DREAMer border protest... 130 detained immigrants continue hunger protest Immigrant law grad fights to practice in the U.S. Why is Rubio shying away from immigration reform ? Rubio talks immigration at Google The growth of the U.S. deportation machine and its misplaced priorities  Most immigrants deported by ICE in 2013 were a threat to no one USCIS introduces Form I-910 and centralizes the civil surgeon application process

Avoiding Notario Fraud

Avoiding Notario Fraud  - The practice of immigration law generally, and immigrants specifically, seem to be targets for a wide-variety of cunning fraudsters and scam artists colloquially known as “notarios.”  Notario, Spanish for notary, includes anyone who is not authorized to practice immigration law, but does so regardless.  This is especially true at times when new immigration policies are announced or when immigration reforms are discussed by the Congress and other politicians. Here are a few tips for avoiding and combating immigration fraud: (1)  Seek out attorneys licensed in a U.S state or territory or representatives accredited by the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA); (2)  Avoid individuals who label themselves as “immigration consultants” or “immigration service providers”; (3) Use your gut (4)  Rely on friends and family members for advice and referrals; and (5)  Report fraud if you have been victimized Seeking Out Attorneys and Accredited Representatives

Immigration for Lunch

Here's a quick look at the headlines mid-day: Immigration change gives legal status to undocumented relatives of U.S. military A sane immigration policy? Why Republicans should embrace immigration reform in one chart Is the right-left immigration alliance fraying ? Is consensus on immigration reform possible? Immigration detainees continue hunger strike

Immigration for Lunch

Here's a look at what's making news mid-day Can the GOP neutralize immigration as an election issue? Immigrant detainees on hunger strike in Washington State Religious leaders urge support for immigration reform South Carolina retreats on immigration  New pressure on Obama over deportations Hard line on immigration comes at cost

What to Watch for in Immigration - Week of March 10, 2014

Here's a look at some hot topics in immigration heading into this week: Can the GOP neutralize immigration as an election issue?   As the last presidential election demonstrated, the GOP is doing really bad among supporters of immigration reform and immigrant communities.  Actually, "really bad" doesn't even come close to describing how badly Republicans are doing with the aforementioned demographics.  Republicans aren't even competing for votes from these demographics.  That may not matter though.  With the upcoming congressional elections, experts estimate that almost all Republican incumbents represent districts with a relatively low number of immigrants.  If that's the case, those candidates stand to lose more from supporting immigration reform than from supporting it. Even so, a hard-line approach such as that espoused by many within the GOP may wreak havoc for GOP candidates in future presidential elections and in more diverse districts.  As immigrat

Nathan Bogart & Carlos Hernandez to Present at the Herbert W. Walton Bench/Bar Conference in Overland Park

Kansas City , March 5, 2014: Attorneys Nathan R. Bogart and Carlos A. Hernandez from Kansas City immigration law firm  Bogart Immigration Law, LLC  will be presenting to members of the Johnson County Kansas Bar Association regarding strategies for identifying immigration status and avoiding adverse immigration consequences in criminal defense. The presentation will be given at the Johnson County Bar Association's Herbert W. Walton Bench/Bar Conference held on March 5, 2014 at Ritz Charles. About Bogart Immigration Law, LLC Bogart Immigration Law, LLC is a leading Kansas City area immigration law firm based in Mission, Kansas. One of the fastest growing firms in the region, we provide representation in virtually every area of immigration practice.  Our clients value our diversity and accessibility and rely on us for the resolution of their complex immigration needs, including removal defense, family-based petitions and humanitarian applications.  Connect with us on  Facebook ,