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Removal Ramblings: Motions to Continue in Immigration Court

One of the most common questions I find myself asked by potential clients in removal proceedings, particularly when there isn't any relief available, is how can I delay the next court date? I'm sure there are a multitude of opinions on the subject of continuing a master calendar hearing.  One of the very first things I learned about removal defense as a young attorney is that there is no one right way of doing things.  Many fantastic attorneys have their own ideas, procedures and plans for what works for them.  This holds true even for seemingly simple actions such as motions to continue. That being said, there are some basic rules I think are applicable before most all immigration courts: (1)  Know your Immigra t ion  Judge : I'm probably not the most well-traveled immigration attorney in the world, but even in the few immigration courts I have appeared in, I have noticed a great difference between immigration judges when it comes to a lot of things, including motio