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Immigration for Lunch

Here's a Look at What's making News Mid-day Capitol Alert; Immigrant Driver's License Concerns Aired at DMV Hearing Obama Expresses Hope for Immigration Reform President Promises Help for Economy, Education and Immigration ICE Union Boss Urges GOP: Don't Ignore Immigration Officers How to Get Immigration Reform? Globalise It !

Immigration for Lunch

Here's a Look at What's making news Mid-day Letter- Immigration: Small Businesses Want Reform Bill. Obama Set to Announce Practical Agenda Focusing on Immigration Income Equality Immigration Activists to Attend Obama Speech The GOP Willing to Deal on Immigration Reform Immigrant Fasters Take Reform Campaign Nationwide

Immigration for Lunch

Here's a look at what's making news  Mid-day Michigan Throws out the Welcome Mat House majority whip: Legalize  undocumented immigrants Mayor has always been a gainst  ordinance Calls to fast track immigration for skilled migrants State of the Union: Of pledges, Pleas and setbacks

Choosing an Immigration Attorney

Choosing an immigration attorney can be difficult. As a practice area, immigration is unique. So are those who dedicate their time to it. A successful practice requires a great deal of creativity. Even so, countless attorneys will advertise that they have the experience, expertise and passion to help you navigate the process. Here’s our attempt to help you weed through the advertisements and find the right attorney for you: The True Measure of Experience : It is logical to assume that an attorney who has practiced 34 years is automatically better than one who has practiced for one year. In some cases, this may be true. Personally, some of the best attorneys I have ever known were young. Likewise, some of the worst attorneys I have ever known had practiced for decades. Young attorneys may not know everything off of the top of their heads, but older attorneys may be getting burned out. As with most things in life, balance is essential. Focus on the type of experience an attorney has.

Immigration for Lunch

Here's a look at what's making News Mid-day Deportations Dip 30 Percent in Wash., Ore. Sheriff, Governor at Odds Over Immigration Law Advocates Push Mayoral Hopefuls on Immigration Tories 'will Announce New Anti-Immigrant Policies Every Week Immigrants Jailed Just to Hit a Number

What to Watch for in Immigration - Week of January 20, 2014

Happy Martin Luther King Junior Day! Is there a quota for how many immigrants should be detained?   According to a recent report out of the New York Daily News there is.  This is particularly troubling because no other law enforcement agencies have a quota for the number of people they should keep in jail.  This is unprecedented and unique to immigration.  It is important to remember that this is not the number of people the government wants to deport, only the number of immigrants it wants to keep detained while they await a decision as to whether or not they will be deported.  In other words, many of these men and women are individuals who qualify for relief from deportation and have no valid reason to be detained at all, much less month after month until an immigration judge decides what to do with them.  Good job Homeland Security!  We hope this makes you feel better about yourself.... Democrats renew support of a path to citizenship.   Many Democrats and immigration activi

Immigration for Lunch

Here's a look at what's making news Mid-day Mentoring can Help Immigrant Kids Passport Leads Feds to Undocumented Immigrant Congress Returns With Hefty to-do List Local Students Watch Immigration Debate in Washington and Dream Act Proposal in Albany Asian American Advocates Continue Fighting for Immigration Reform

What to Watch for in Immigration - Week of January 13, 2014

Looking ahead to this week in immigration news: The New Year starts about the same as the old.   At the beginning of 2013, talk of immigration reform was all the rage.  2014 has started off no different, with headlines and declarations coming from all sides of the political spectrum.  Much like last year,  Catholic bishops and the Chamber of Commerce both support comprehensive immigration reform.  So does Penny Pritzker , the U.S. Secretary of Commerce.  Not surprisingly, the most conservative members of the Republican party have already begun to voice their opposition to immigration reform.  Even so, more moderate Republicans , much like last year, have offered a ray of hope that immigration reform could happen this year.  At the very least, 2014 should be full of many immigration-related headlines. States getting back into the immigration debate.   Back in 2010, state immigration laws were very much en vogue, with the likes of Alabama and Arizona leading the way with ultra res

What to Watch for in Immigration - Week of January 6, 2014

And the year starts off with a bang: California grants law license to undocumented immigrant  - Last week, news broke that California had issued a law license to Sergio Garcia, an undocumented immigrant.  While the case has to be considered a major personal victory for Mr. Garcia, as well as potentially opening the doors to other undocumented immigrants who aspire to become lawyers, California's decision has also been controversial , even among proponents of immigrant rights.  If anything, Mr. Garcia is an example of why the time for immigration reform has come.  States such as California are beginning to recognize the value of immigrants, documented and undocumented, and want to make sure their potential is realized.  Yet the federal government remains completely incapable of even remotely reaching a compromise.  As we begin 2014, look for more cases like Mr. Garcia's.  Every state may not grant law licenses to qualifying undocumented immigrants, but they may take other ac

What Wrestling Has To Say About The Immigration Debate

As I sat here looking at Facebook, listening to the howling winds outside and thinking about the 0 degree temperatures I have no intention of facing today, I saw the following video shared on a friend's timeline:   While the language used by "el patrón de la migra" is more than a little harsh, I have to say I was impressed by the creative use of lucha libre to express many of the feelings both sides feel about the immigration debate. I actually thought "el patrón" humanized immigrants to the some degree by vocalizing what many of them hear every day from those who are not saying it for entertainment value. In fact, my favorite part of the video had to be when the promoter explained , "After the cameras are turned off, the lights turned off, and the show's over, you'd be surprised at that small little line by the locker room of Latinos who want autographs of la migra." Maybe if we could all just attend some wrestling matches together,

New Year New Changes

For the last year and a half, we have been happy to serve our clients at 5505 Foxridge Drive, Suite 104 in Mission, Kansas.  We've loved being in that location and we have especially enjoyed being able to meet so many wonderful and interesting people during our time there. Now, as we begin 2014, we are changing offices.  Our new address is: 5509 Foxridge Drive Mission, KS 66202 If the address looks just about the same, that would be because it is.  We're only moving right next door, so we shouldn't be too hard to find.  Our telephone numbers and e-mail addresses will also remain the same , although there may be some technical difficulties with both associated with the move. We feel this move will allow us to better serve our clients and their interest. We look forward to many more years of being able to serve our community.  Feel free to come check out our new office and let us know if there's anything we can do to help out! Stay tuned for more changes..