What to Watch for in Immigration - Week of June 9, 2014

Texas GOP approves hard-line immigration position.  In a move that was so unsurprising it hardly qualifies as news, the Republican delegates in Texas returned the state party to a hard-line on immigration.  Viewed as a victory for the far right and a loss for everyone sane, the decision came after hours of arguing.  As if that's supposed to be comforting...

Is immigration's primary effect muted?  Such appears to be the case in the Carolinas and Tennessee.  In South Carolina, Senator Lindsey Graham has an insurmountable lead over anti-immigrant challengers. GOP backers of comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) in Tennessee and North Carolina are also in strong positions, showing that support of CIR is not necessarily a career-ending move for GOP politicians in conservative states.  Likewise, anti-immigrant ridiculousness is also not a clear path to political ecstasy.

Humanitarian crisis on the border?  At least 1,000 immigrant children, mainly from Central America, are headed to a makeshift shelter in Arizona from Texas.  Apparently, we're in the midst of a surge of child migrants from Central American countries looking for refuge from the dumpster fire that is Central America. The shelter is designed to be temporary and will be overseen by FEMA.


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