What to Watch for in Immigration - Week of April 7, 2014

Yes he can, on immigration.  Can President Obama do more on immigration than he is currently doing? He says no.  Others say yes.  This is the subject of a New York Times article sure to make headlines and fuel debates this week.  This editorial skewers President Obama over his "cold-blooded" strategy of increased enforcement, citing 5,000 children who have ended up in foster care thanks to deportations.  Will the New York Times have success where countless activists looking to increase pressure on the president have failed?  Don't count on it.

Immigration reform still the top issue.  Over the weekend a bevy of articles touched on immigration reform and activism in support of such.  On Saturday, demonstrators across the country rallied in support of immigration reform.  The protests generated headlines and analysis from news sources asking the question: Is Obama the "Deporter-in-Chief?"  Jeb Bush also made headlines by referring to illegal immigration as an "act of love" and Catholic leadership made clear that immigration reform has become part of their pro life cause.

California immigration holds drop.  Look's like the Trust Act is working.  New agencies are reporting that far fewer foreign nationals are being turned over to Federal authorities as a result of the new law which took effect in January.  Good for you California!


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