What to Watch for in Immigration - Week of February 12, 2014

Aiding of terrorism and the like.  For many years, one of the few bars to asylum, you know, aside from the nearly impossible standards applicants need to meet in order to qualify, has been the ban from eligibility of anyone who has ever had ties to terror groups.  This ban applies even to those with loose or incidental ties.  It was especially problematic because the ban was so broad that many who could hardly be considered terrorists were refused asylum.  This week, the Obama administration decided to ease such restrictions in very specific, narrow circumstances, citing the need for a change based the unfair blocking of thousands of legitimate refugees.  Essentially, the change would apply only to those the U.S. government does not consider a threat.  Not surprisingly, the GOP is opposed to the change.

Is the GOP backpedaling on immigration reform?  Less than a week after announcing their blueprint for immigration reform, GOP leaders in the House have added a new requirement....that President Obama regain their trust before moving forward with immigration reform.  Politics folks...

Detroit's immigration solution.  The governor of Michigan has declared his plan to fix Detroit.  The plan includes a strategy to attract over 50,000 highly-skilled immigrants to the suffering metropolis.  As the plan involves immigration, it should not come as a surprise that it has quickly become subject to criticism from all sides of the political aisle.


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