What Wrestling Has To Say About The Immigration Debate

As I sat here looking at Facebook, listening to the howling winds outside and thinking about the 0 degree temperatures I have no intention of facing today, I saw the following video shared on a friend's timeline:


While the language used by "el patrón de la migra" is more than a little harsh, I have to say I was impressed by the creative use of lucha libre to express many of the feelings both sides feel about the immigration debate.

I actually thought "el patrón" humanized immigrants to the some degree by vocalizing what many of them hear every day from those who are not saying it for entertainment value.

In fact, my favorite part of the video had to be when the promoter explained, "After the cameras are turned off, the lights turned off, and the show's over, you'd be surprised at that small little line by the locker room of Latinos who want autographs of la migra."

Maybe if we could all just attend some wrestling matches together, we might realize we have more in common, have a little fun and realize just how counterproductive all this hate is.


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